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Message from the President

Before and After

Dr. Joseph D. Hollowell

I have been involved in a number of meetings over the years that have ended up with me making a request from an individual, a couple, or a group of people to consider supporting the students of Roncalli with a financial commitment to support our work. I believe it is a testament to our community that so many people show up for such a meeting! There are lots of wonderful things that people can do with both their money and their time. I have always believed that the many gifts that we receive throughout the year have been made because people understand that they are making a real difference in the lives of young people. It is not simply a financial transaction. It is a sacred exchange of resources given because people are so grateful to God for all that they themselves have been given. They in turn want to show their gratitude by supporting the work that God is doing at Roncalli.

The sacred nature of this exchange is not to be taken lightly. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to work hard to ensure that we get maximum benefit from the hard-earned money that has been given to us for the good of our students. For many years now we have held a yearly dinner to which all current and potential benefactors are invited. We spend time sharing a meal, reporting on the number of gifts that have been given to the school, how they have been used, and showing the difference that these gifts have made in the lives of students. By staying accountable to our benefactors I believe we are staying true to the Gospel proclamation, “To whom much has been given, much will be expected.”

While much of this accountability report at the dinner is given in the form of numbers and figures along with graphs and charts, I believe one of the most compelling methods of reporting is to show our benefactors “before” and “after” photographs of how their gifts have been put to work. The building that is now Roncalli was built in 1962. Thirty years later, when we established our Institutional Advancement Office, our facilities were beginning to suffer from a lack of continued investment and sufficient budgeting for upkeep. There were lots of areas that needed attention. A small sampling of pictures from just a few of the projects we have done over the years are featured in this article. I know that some who are reading this article have seen these before but there are many families new to Roncalli since these projects were done. It seems worth noting where we have been before we look forward to where we are going.

Seeing our school grow and transform into a more modern facility has been a gratifying experience, not only for me but for the many volunteers, board members, and benefactors who have helped us along the way. I am so blessed to work in a community that continues to put the education and spiritual formation of its youth as a top priority!

Thank you for making the many wonderful things that happen for our sons and daughters possible through your generosity!

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