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Message from the Principal

Chuck Weisenbach

Roncalli High School is a special place!

I felt that way when looking at it as a prospective high school when I was a student at St. Jude Catholic School in the 1970’s. 

I felt that way while a student here at Roncalli from 1975-79!

I felt that way when signing my first teaching contract with Roncalli in 1984.

Thirty-three years later, twenty-two of those as principal, I remain more convinced than ever that Roncalli is indeed a special place.

Why is it a special place?    I do not claim to know the exact reasons why our school has been and continues to be a special place for so many people,  but would like to offer a few thoughts on the topic.

The spirit of St. John XXIII – Angelo Cardinal Roncalli, known to many as Pope John XXIII, now known to the world as St. John XXIII after his canonization on April 27, 2014, is the namesake of our school.    St. John was a man filled with a deep, profound love for Jesus, life, the Church, family and for all of God’s children. Many who have called Roncalli “home” at one time or another in their lives believe the welcoming, faith-filled spirit of this wonderful man truly alive within the halls of our school and in the hearts of many affiliated with our school community.   His life, legacy and spirit of “treating everyone as a child of God” is something we attempt to embody on a daily basis at Roncalli!

Vibrant faith community – As a Catholic high school, we are first and foremost a prayerful, faith-filled community of believers in Jesus Christ!   While not everyone at Roncalli is on fire with his/her faith in Jesus, God has divinely blessed our school with an inordinate number of people who have a vibrant faith life and who want to share their love for Jesus and for life with all they encounter.  That inordinate number of people includes custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers, students, fine arts directors, coaches, administrators, guidance counselors, staff members, social workers and secretaries.   This makes for a vibrant, life giving, spirit-filled community!

Dynamic, visionary leadership – From the earliest days of our school taking the name, Roncalli, which took place in 1969, when Kennedy Memorial and Chartrand High Schools merged, we have been blessed with dynamic, visionary leadership in many different dimensions of the school.  I could not begin to list the names of all of these dynamic, visionary leaders as there is not enough space, and I am certain I would inadvertently omit some great ones.  So, rather than mention names, I am going to mention positions held by these dynamic, visionary leaders that played a huge role in establishing this special place we call Roncalli High School.  They include archbishops, superintendents of Catholic education for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, pastors of our South Deanery Catholic parishes, principals of our South Deanery Catholic grade schools,  members of the South Deanery Board of Total Catholic Education as well as the Roncalli Board of Directors, administrators, teachers, coaches, fine arts directors, department chairpersons, cafeteria managers, staff members,  building and grounds workers and custodians.    Lots and lots of talented people who occupied these roles helped guide our school through its early years as well as through some challenging times to the point we are today.  We are one of the state’s most highly acclaimed and highly successful high schools academically.  We are blessed with a thriving performing arts program, a highly successful athletic program, an award winning community service outreach program and one of the most beautiful high school campuses in the state.  All of this unfolds in a dynamic faith community of believers in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church and in the great ministry of Catholic Education. 

Whether it is as a prospective student or family, a current student or family, a prospective employee, an alum, a benefactor or potential benefactor or simply as a guest, I hope you will visit our campus so you can experience first-hand the spirit that makes Roncalli High School a special place.

As a child of God, I pray that you grow into all that our Creator wants you to be!

God bless you!

Chuck Weisenbach (’79), Principal

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