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Roncalli Rebel Renaissance Academic Letter

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Award Criteria

In 1992, the 3-R Program was initiated to recognize academic effort and achievement beyond the classroom. This program continues today and is generously funded by the Roncalli High School Alumni Association.

In order to earn a Roncalli High School Academic Letter, a student must earn a minimum of 100 points. These points are cumulative over a student’s four years at Roncalli. These points can be achieved in any of the following ways:

Award Levels

  • Each student earning 100 points will receive an academic letter to place on his/her Roncalli letter jacket or sweater.
  • Each student earning 200 points will receive an engraved Cross pen.
  • Each student earning 300 points will receive a personalized award plaque.
  • Each student earning 400 points will receive an academic letter blanket.

Special Procedures and Guidelines

  • Required class participation in events and competitions will not be considered for points toward the Academic Letter.
  • Students will take responsibility for initiating and providing the Academic Awards Coordinator information and documentation about their points based on the above criteria. Forms for this purpose are available from the Academic Awards Coordinator.
  • The Academic Awards Coordinator will verify each student’s points.
  • Points earned must be applied for in the same school year in which they were earned. Points earned during the summer months must be applied for by the end of first semester of the following school year. Points earned during the school year must be applied for one month prior to the Academic Award Reception, which is held in May.

Semester Grade Point Average (end of each semester, automatically granted; no filing required)

All A+’s or A’s or A-‘s 25 points
First Honors 20 points
Second Honors 15 points

Participation in Academic Activities and Competitions

These Points Must Be Requested Through the Office of the Academic Awards Coordinator, Mrs. Rita Boyle

  • Academic competitions sponsored by Indiana Academic Competition for Excellence:
    • Five points will be earned for participation in IACE sponsored activities. Ten points will be earned by team members entered in IACE competitions. (See Category A below) An additional five points will be given for each advancement in the competition.
  • Other academic competitions, workshops, clubs and recognition:
    • Each Roncalli department or activity sponsor may petition the AAC to have various events sponsored by outside organizations included for points. Roncalli sponsored team members (See Category B-1 below) will be awarded five points for participation in approved activities. An additional ten points will be earned by students receiving award level recognition. Each student may earn up to 50 points per academic year
    • Students receiving Student of the Month/Year Awards or the Roncalli High School Leadership Scholarship will earn five points for each award.
    • Students named as Valedictorian will receive 25 points; Salutatorian will receive 15 points.
    • Individual students earning special academic recognition or awards from outside sources (See Category B-4 below) will earn five points for participation in listed activities. An additional ten points can be earned for award level recognition.
    • Students receiving academic scholarships from institutions of higher education will earn five points upon approval from the AAC.
    • Students may receive points for school sponsored or school recognized extra-curricular workshops, seminars, summer camps and theatrical productions. Five points will be awarded per activity upon approval of the AAC. (See Category B-6 below)
    • Members of Roncalli academic clubs meeting the equivalent of two times per quarter outside of class time will earn five points per year of membership upon verification of such membership by the club moderator. (See Category B-7 below)



Academic Decathlon
Hoosier Academic Super Bowl
Spell Bowl


Band Competitions
Brain Game Team
Choral Competitions
Mock Trial Team
Speech Team
Video Announcement Team


Student of the Month
Student of the Year
Roncalli H.S. Leadership Scholarship




A.A.T.G. National German Exam
American Chemistry Exam
American Heart Assoc. Art Contest
American Heart Assoc. Poetry Contest
American High School Math Exam
American Statistical Poster Comp.
Anthology of Poetry-Young Americans
Bausch & Lomb Award
Byrd Scholarship
Cent. Ind. Reg. Science Fair
Century III Comp.
Children’s Museum Chem Wk.
CYO Music Contest
DAR Award
DuPont Service Challenge
eXceL Awards
GE Edison Comp.
Herff-Jones Scholarship
Hoosier Scholar
Indiana Academic All-Star
Intel Science Talent Search
ITA Sponsored Comp.
I.U. Foreign Language Honors Prog.
I.U.P.U.I./T.M.M.I. High School Math Cont
Jeff Perkins Memorial Scholarship
Lincoln Era Essay Comp.
Marion Co. Math Comp.
Martin Luther King Essay Cont.
National French Honor Society
National German Honor Society
National Honor Society
National Merit Finalist
National Merit Semi-Finalist /Comm. Studt.
Newton's Nemesis
Prelude Awards Comp.
Presidential Scholar Finalist
President Academic Fitness Award
Rose-Hulman Math Contest
Scholastic Art Comp.
Thespian Society
Wells Scholar
Wendy's H.S. Heisman Awd.
Women's Suffrage Essay Contest
World of Poetry




Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
Boy's State/Girl's State
4-H Club
Future Camp-I.U.P.U.I.
Indpls Children's Choir/Symphony
Indianapolis Zooteen
Molecular Medicine in Action Day
National Youth Forum
People to People Ambassador Program
Prelude Academy
Promise to Keep
Project SEED
Awards, Conferences, Leadership
Workshops, Seminars


American Sign Language Club
Art Club
Astronomy Club
Drama Club
D'Scribes Writing Club
French Club
German Club
History Club
Spanish Club

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