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Message from the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Thank You...

Thank you parents, alumni and Roncalli family!

The view from my office is fabulous! I can look out my window and see the Chapel. I can look out my window and see the Auditorium. I can look out my window and see the Stadium. I can look out my window and see the Circle. The funny thing is that when I arrived at Roncalli for my first day of work in 2002, two of those things weren’t even a part of our campus (the Chapel of the Sacred Heart and the Auditorium) and two of those areas have been totally renovated (the Circle and the Stadium)! And my office is not where it started, my office is now in the new Main Office Area that has also been added since my arrival.

Yes, our campus has grown and yes, our campus will continue to grow. We want our students, faculty, families and alumni to have what they need at Roncalli so that we can continue to provide a Christ-centered education to the South Deanery and surrounding communities. As the old saying goes - it takes a village - and it truly does! It takes a village to educate young minds and encourage them to be all that God has called them to be. It also takes a village to grow and maintain our campus into the finest facilities for a private school in the state of Indiana. Our students, faculty, families and alumni deserve the very best!

We have so many blessings at Roncalli, in fact, far too many to count or list here. Two of our greatest blessings are the past parents and alumni who have laid the foundation for all that we have and for all that we are today. The ground work was provided so many years ago through planning and financial resources from our alumni and former parents. This has allowed for the Roncalli that we know and love today! Some of our current families didn’t 'know' Roncalli without a Chapel or without an Auditorium, and I am certain that they join me in prayers of thanksgiving for all that our alumni and parents have done to ensure that their children have all that they need to be successful at RHS!

This cycle of 'paying it forward' will continue for generations to come. Current families, alumni and our community as a whole will plan and provide the financial resources necessary to grow our campus and academic programs. The students in our grade schools will enjoy the benefits of generosity from those whom they do not know or may never meet. Children that are yet to be born will be the direct beneficiaries of what we do now and the plans that we make. We are all making history every day in the lives of so many current and future students.

Thank you for all that each of you do for Roncalli. I can look out my office window and see the results of your generosity. I can visualize all that we will do in the future due to the generosity of those before us, those who are in our community currently and those who are yet to come. Dream big with us and know that you are in my prayers of thanksgiving every day for all that you have done and continue to do for our Roncalli Family!

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