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Welcome to the Roncalli Fine Arts Home

Dear Performing Arts Patrons,

Welcome! On behalf of our students and faculty, I thank you for being here to support us. All of the Performing Arts, instrumental music, choral music, dance, and theatre, are gifts from God. Our students are excited to share these gifts with you.

We continue to be blessed. It is so rewarding to count in our alumni a Broadway star, professional jazz musicians, professional opera performers, band and choral directors, musical theatre majors, music education majors, professional theatre tech folks, professional dancers, professional military band members, and music therapists. We certainly are proud of those former students. But the majority of our kids will not major in any of the Performing Arts. We are equally proud of all of those students, too, because we know that by participating in band, choir, dance, drama, and tech theatre,  our students are learning valuable life lessons. They are making lifelong friends. They are learning to work as a team to create productions, music, and dance. They are learning responsibility, time organization, discipline, leadership, hard work towards a major goal, and dedication. They are serving God by sharing their gifts. And they are having fun in the process!

Any time I am asked what I do and I tell them that I am a high school band director, someone will speak up and tell me that they were in band and that it was the greatest thing they did in high school. They actually light up with joy in remembering their experience. I am sure that it is the same for the other Performing Arts staff. There really is something special about the Arts and the students who work with us every day. Thank you for being part of our journey with our kids. We hope that you enjoy God at work within all of us. God bless.


Kathy Peach
Fine Arts Chair

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