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Student Assistance Program


The Student Assistance Team is composed of the Assistant Principal for Student Activities, the Dean of Students, Guidance Counselors, School Social Worker and other selected teachers and professionals. The Team seeks to identify students experiencing physical, social, emotional or spiritual difficulties and to remove the attendant barriers which interfere with student learning. The Team offers these students affirmation, support, direction, counseling and community referrals. It also provides students with an avenue to receive assistance for drug/alcohol/tobacco usage addiction without initially incurring any extracurricular penalty. Our goal is to empower these students to experience the same opportunities for growth and development that God intends for all young people.
The coordinating team acts upon referrals from faculty, staff, parents and students.
Overall, the SAP team seeks to identify students experiencing physical, emotional, social or spiritual difficulties.


•Identify individual students who are experiencing social, emotional, physical or
  spiritual difficulties.
• Take appropriate steps to intervene focusing on the use of a team approach.
• Evaluate the interventions of identified individual students.
• Use existing procedures for treatment plans, intervention and follow-up.
• Educate the our school community regarding the purpose and procedures of
  the SAP Team, by offering presentations at the outset of each school year to
  students, parents and faculty.
• Referrals to the SAP may come from student self-referrals, or referrals from
  other students, teachers, parents, coaches or moderators

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