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Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is an agent for the student body with the following goals: 

  • To provide for open and on-going discussion between the students and the Administration. 
  • Represents different student views to the faculty and/or Administration.
  • Seeks out student needs in the school.
  • Interprets administration needs and positions to the student body. 
  • Provides appropriate student activities.

The Student Council’s primary responsibility is the activities program, and one of its positive products is active experience in leadership and the development of organizational skills. It serves as catalyst in bringing together teachers, students and Administration to form a positive school environment which initiates and nurtures meaningful learning experiences.

The Roncalli High School Student Council is truly a student driven organization open to all students. In addition to the following four positions that are filled through a selection process in the spring (Co-President of Service, Co-President of Spirit, Co-President of Public Relations, Co-President of Web Promotions), every student in the school is welcome and encouraged to participate in meetings, plan for events and assist with the administration of the events. In so doing, the student will earn points for their work. A student may earn the following titles and distinctions for their efforts:

  • 15 Points – Student Council Ambassador
  • 25 Points – Student Council Representative
  • 40 Points – Student Council Executive

It is the council and the school’s desire to reach out and involve as many students as possible in the activities of the council and not limit this to just those fortunate enough to win an election.


  • Nick Meyer - Public Relations
  • Michaela Salaza - Service
  • Tabatha McNulty - Spirit
  • Maddie DeWitt - Web Promotions

Class Officers

The freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes each will be represented by the officers of Co-President of Service, Co-President of Spirit, Co-President of Public Relations, Co-President of Web Promotions. The selection for these positions for sophomores, juniors and seniors takes place in the spring while the freshman class officer selections take place in the fall. Class officers shall be responsible to their class moderators who, in turn, shall be responsible to the Assistant Principal for Student Activities.

Class of 2017  Co-Presidents

  • Timmy Miller - Public Relations
  • Samuel Nathan - Service
  • Caroline Armbruster - Spirit
  • Jonny Anderson - Web Promotions

Class of 2018  Co-Presidents

  • Collin Prince - Public Relations
  • Grace Murphy - Service
  • Logan Schott - Spirit
  • Tyler Hicks - Web Promotions

Class of 2019  Co-Presidents

  • Aaryn Richardson - Public Relations
  • Dominic Conover - Service
  • Kelli Mariutto - Spirit
  • Ashlyn Streicher - Web Promotions

Class of 2020 Co-Presidents

  • Andrew Burgan - Public Relations
  • Ellie Murphy - Service
  • Abigail Long - Spirit
  • Erin Rooney - Web Promotions

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